By Denece Jones
November 16, 2020

2021 TBA sports registration has once again opened on the 1st November with the annual online early bird period kicking off with discounted rates and plenty of prizes on offer.

Like previous years, the early bird period will run from the 1st November to 31st December 2020 and allows bowlers to register for the following year at a discounted rate. In recognition of an extremely challenging year the early bird discount will be the largest it’s ever been.

“After a tough year TBA wanted to provide the best value possible to our members with a $7 discount for registering early” explained TBA CEO Cara Honeychurch.

“Not only does the early bird window allow bowlers to save almost 20% but it allows any leagues reforming in the last couple of months of the year to get 14 months registration for the price of 12”. 

Contrary to popular belief, TBA sports registration is not tied to participation. The revenue generated from sports registration contributes to the administration of the sport including insurance, lane measuring and administrative support services.  The only component of sports registration fees associated with participation in either league or tournament play is the costs associated with awards.

“We acknowledge it’s been both a difficult and very different year” said Honeychurch. “Whilst we appreciate that not everyone will be keen to register immediately given the year we’ve had, equally it’s important to look with optimism to the future and get our sport moving again with some exciting events on the calendar” said Honeychurch. The Early Bird window not only allow bowlers to register at a heavily discounted rate but also provide a chance to win some great prizes.

The highly popular 10 weeks of free league prize will return with two of these prizes on offer. This year will also see 8 ‘Belmo Prize Packs‘ up for grabs – one for each state and territory. Prize packs contain a Jason Belmonte jersey, an autographed card, two ball tote bag and new Trend bowling ball.

A new prize for our tournament bowlers is a Ranked Event Golden Ticket. The winner will receive free entry fee into four 2021 ranked events of their choice. To be eligible for this prize, you must be registered for rankingsbe a silver member in 2020 or 2021 and register as a league or junior 2021 member throughout the early bird period.

All bowlers who register during the early bird period will be in the running for the following prizes.

Early bird specials are only open to members who bowl in traditional membership centres that accept online payments.  Those members in lane levy centres are not eligible.  To check if your centre is taking online payments in 2021.

2021 TBA members will again be able to access their digital card which includes your name, TBA number and centre. This year the design of the digital card will be customised to the state you bowl league in. As part of TBA’s continued commitment to child safety, all members will be required to declare at time of registration that they have not been convicted or found guilty of sexual offence, misconduct or harassment.

Our Victorian members have faced an extraordinarily tough year and we want to acknowledge this.  “I know how hard it’s been this year being a Victorian myself and how much we long to get back to what we enjoy most – our sport and being with friends and family.  In recognition of the particularly challenging circumstances, all renewing 2020 Victorian members will have access to the early bird prices until 31st March,” explained Honeychurch.

“With centres still yet to open, we felt it appropriate to acknowledge and provide extra support to our Victorian members who have endured a lengthy time on the sidelines in 2020,” said Honeychurch.

The early bird promotion will close on the 31st December 2020. All prizes will be drawn on the 26th February 2021 with winners announced shortly after.

2020 is nearly over (phew) and it’s time to push forward. Register in the early bird window to access the discounted prices, put your name in the ring for some great prizes and support your sport in 2021.

To view the terms and conditions of the early bird prizes competition, please contact Tenpin Bowling Australia at [email protected]

Please note due to the closure of the ZONE BOWLING Watergardens facility for all of 2020, all registered 2020 Watergardens members will be rolled over to 2021.  However any bowler who did not register in 2020 will be required to pay their sports registration fee in 2021.