Victorian Sports Awards

The objective for establishing the State Awards is to recognise those outstanding individuals who can be held up as role models for the sport of tenpin bowling in Victoria. Specifically:

  • Athletes who have demonstrated sustained performances at the highest levels in the sport of tenpin bowling for the year of nomination;
  • Administrators, Officials, Coaches and Volunteers who have made an extraordinary, inspirational and dedicated personal contribution to tenpin bowling and its development in Victoria.

Junior Bowler of the Year

2012Emily CrossGerard Hinsley
2013Emily RigneyElliott Batiste
2014Emily RigneyElliott Batiste
2015Emily RigneyBrandon Richards
2016Rebekah CommaneDaniel Perrella
2017Rebekah CommaneBernie Grueso Jnr.
2018Nikaylah SpofforthDaniel Perrella
2019Grace FahyBernie Grueso Jnr.

Youth Bowler of the Year

2012Laura KairnDwayne Vivian
2013Kaitlyn CommanePaul White
2014Kaitlyn CommanePaul White
2015Nicola McCollLachlan Merchant
2016Emily CrossMatt Drummond
2017Emily CrossJayden Panella
2018Emma WilliamsonJayden Panella
2019Daniel Perrella

Adult Bowler of the Year

2012Rachelle FlynnDavid Porto
2013Bec WhitingPaul Trotter
2014Bec WhitingPaul Trotter
2015Bec Whiting
2016Bec WhitingLachlan Merchant
2017Bec WhitingAdam Hayes
2018Narelle BakerDavid Porto
2019Bec WhitingPaul Kerr

Senior Bowler of the Year

2012Jeanette BakerMick Talevski
2013Jeanette BakerMick Talevski
2014Mick Talevski
2015Robyn FlynnMerv Billing
2016Robyn FlynnMick Talevski
2017Jeanette BakerDavid Farquharson
2018Mary DoddsAndrew Thorpe
2019Christine ClarkDavid Farquharson

Disabilities Bowler of the Year

2013Lyn Beeby
2014 Kingsley Williams
2015Marilyn Luck
2016Marilyn Luck
2017Leo Cheung (Junior) / Marilyn Luck
2018Ben Peacock
2019Ben Peacock

Outstanding Team Performance

YearTeamTeam Members
2012Senior WomenJeanette Baker, Kerry Kennedy, Christene Webster, Sarah Knowland
2013Senior Men & WomenDenece Jones, Kerry Kennedy, Val Porteous, Christene Webster, Frank Bell, Mike Kennedy, Wayne Parlby, Allan Smith
2014President’s Shield Boys & GirlsElliott Batiste, Justin Carlsson, Sam Curry, Matthew Drummond, Braydn Goodger, Ryan Hinkley, Jordan Wallace, Rebekah Commane, Emily Cross, Georgia Fahy, Carly Giordmaina, Abby Heidemann, Emily Rigney, Emma Williamson
2015Youth BoysElliott Batiste, Lachlan Merchant, Sam Curry, Braden Hesketh
2016Youth GirlsEmily Cross, Rebekah Commane, Nicola McColl, Emily Rigney
2017ATBSOV WomenMary Dodds, Lee Booth, Karen Newman, Sharon Benson, Robyn Bull, Val Porteous, Manager: Sue Raphael
2018Senior Men & WomenMary Dodds, Jeanette Baker, Robyn Flynn, Christine Clark, Andrew Jacklin, Kevin Clunies-Ross, Darrell Holt, David Farquharson
2019President’s Shield Boys & GirlsGrace Fahy, Sophie Martin, Maddy Lefevre, Alethea Mata, Kailani Hillyer, Alyssa Spofforth, Holly-Ann Pauley, Dylan Rankin, Trent McDougall, Bernie Grueso Jnr., Bevan Brooke, Luke Howell, Nicholas Rajkovic, Troy Howell

Coach of the Year

2012Wayne Parlby
2013Louise Eady
2014Wayne Parlby
2015Louise Eady
2016Louise Eady
2017Louise Eady
2018Louise Eady
2019Louise Eady / Simon Pearce

Volunteer of the Year

2012Denece Jones
2013Ray Rule
2014Sue Raphael
2015Dennis Rigney
2016Dee Taafe
2017Nathan Jenner / Neville Sutton
2018Ross Pigdon/Russell McDougall/Renee Gaitanis
2019Russell McDougall / Ross Pigdon

Gold Award

2012Eric Harrison
2013Louise Eady
2014Wayne Burton
2015Louise Eady
2016Bec Whiting
2017Graham Pearson
2019Bec Whiting

Directors Award

2014Rachuig Ladies Team – Narelle Baker, Kelly Jones, Laura Kairn, Jenny Notman, Rebekah Warren, Rebecca Whiting
2015Victorian Restricted Team – Eric Harrison, Jacob Thurston, Stephen Michalaidis, Andrew Silvester, Robyn Jones, Olivia Brewer, Rosalie Calway, Jenny Vandenham
2019Dylan Lefevre

Hall of Fame

2013Paul Trotter
2014Jamie Taafe
2015Louise Eady
2016Jan Solomon & Warren Stewart
2017Robyn Flynn
2019Marilyn Luck and Narelle Baker